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New Delhi, India

Hair Transplant Testimonials

“I had a facelift and hair transplant procedure done by Dr. Kashyap and his team at MedSpa in New Delhi. The procedures were done under local anesthesia with minimal discomfort. I found the staff very professional and caring. My hairline at 8 days from the procedure looks very satisfactory and natural . My face looks swollen and bruised but I can already see the improvement in my jawline - no more jowls. Overall I am very happy with the results at this stage and cannot wait to see the final outcome.”


California, USA

“I was balding prematurely and at 37 had lost a lot of my hair both in the front and at the top of my head. Thanks to Dr. Kashyap and his team I now have a decent head of hair and a good hairline. Being a Physician myself, I feel a lot more confident due to my appearance with my patients and colleagues.”

Dr. Vijay


“Dr. Kashyap thank you for your care and patience. I was nervous about going through the hair transplant procedure. As you know, I was going back and forth because of my fear of just the idea of having surgery. You patiently answered all my questions and put my fears to rest. What impressed me was that your team comprised of plastic surgeons. I was not left in the hands of technicians as my friend experienced at another doctor’s office. He ended up with an unnatural spotty job, where I have a natural looking hairline. I am very happy with the results and will be referring you to other friends. ”

Mumbai, India

“Very Humble and Generous Surgeon, takes care of his patients very carefully. I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Ajaya Kashyap, he made me understand about the procedure very clearly .”

Sanjeev Ahluwalia

Maharashtra, India

“Dr. Ajaya Kashyap is a good doctor and understood my problem and gave the solution according to my requirement, and I’m very happy with the results.”

Mr. R


“Hi, I am 20 years old and loosing hair was a big problem in my life, but Dr. Ajaya Kashyap and his team helped me a lot as I started seeing the results in a month only.”

Mr. Basu


“Being a Keralite it was a cause for shame for me that my hair was balding may be the reason could be many as I don't stay in my State or may be the whether may be any thing but I just wanted to do something that could help me fix this. I decided to try hair transplant and after which I got to know about PRP which was also a treatment of hair loss but non surgical. I came to Dr. Kashyap and scheduled a session for prp which found to be fruitful for me and my skin I decided to do two more sessions which gave me a huge difference in my appearance gradually it enhanced and help me to cover all my bare skin on head and cover with new hair. Thank You Dr. Ajaya Kashyap who did this treatment for me.”

Mr. Banoula

Kerala, India

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